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The World Sponsorship Monitor

An indispensable tool for your organisation that can aid:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Identification
  • Investment

Subscribing to TWSM brings you:

  • Direct online and interactive access to the TWSM archive database.
  • Reports on sponsorship deals reported in the media across the globe.
  • Information across across all major sports, entertainment and industry sectors.

The World Sponsorship Monitor is an on-going survey of sponsorship deals happening worldwide, reported through the press and internet in all major markets. International, national and specialised media are used to develop the world's premier database of sponsorship information across the sports, arts culture and broadcasting sectors.

Whether you are looking for a competitive set research, evaluation techniques, benchmarking, new or cancelled deals, or trends and analysis, it can all be found in TWSM.

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